A distant voice, drifting nearer,

Barely tickling my ears.

It cries, or sighs, or laughs;

I yearn to find out which.


A promise given faithfully

To be fully filled. . .sometime. 

Soon?  Next year?  Ever?

Why not now?


Love to be returned in kind

After growing to maturity,

Taking time, precious time

From my empty heart.


My life will be fulfilled

After endless strivings.

My tightened chest, my tears

Intensify my wait.


My Future never comes,

Just endless days of Present

Crowding on my back—

No more room for dreams.


The wait crushes my hopes

Of unknown things I ache for,

Pushing me further on

Into its iron grip.


I stop and glimpse behind me

Hazy hopes and dreams,

Their disregarded forms

Lost and gone forever.



© Jackie O’Donnell.  For more of my original poetry, get an e-copy of God Sneezed.  Click on the “My Books” page for information and direct links to your favorite e-book sellers.

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  1. Your poem? Copyrighted?! Will pass on .

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